Marlow Town Regatta & Festival

Marlow Town Regatta & Festival

Marlow Town Regatta & Festival - Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th June 2017. Marlow's premier sporting and social occasion.

Dress Code

Mandatory all day and evening.

The Marlow Town Regatta and Festival is an opportunity to dress up and a STRICT DRESS CODE is applied for all Adult and Youth visitors. Ladies, Gentlemen and Youths (aged 14 to 17) are required to be smartly dressed within the Regatta Enclosure from 11.00am onwards.

Gentlemen should wear a tailored, collared shirt, smart long trousers and closed shoes. Jackets, blazers and ties are encouraged. Ladies should dress smartly in a dress or skirt / trousers and top. Youths (aged 14 to 17) should dress in accordance with the Adult Dress Code. Parents are asked to ensure that children (aged 13 and under) are smartly dressed.

For example, no adult or youth will be admitted wearing blue denim clothing including blue denim jeans, torn or ripped jeans of any colour, shorts, t-shirt, trainers or flip-flops.

We are delighted to invite competitors into the enclosure and would ask that they wear identifiable competitive clothing or club clothing that is smart.  Shoes must be worn. Medals for those that have won them are encouraged to be worn.

Note: It is recognised that there will be people wishing to erect gazebos and deliver their picnic chairs and tables first thing in the morning. Those who choose to do so are free to dress as they see fit but will be asked to leave before 11.00am. The last dress code exempt entry will be at 10.30am.

Please Note:
The Town Regatta Committee reserve the right to refuse admission based upon this dress code. No refunds will be provided to those refused entry.