Marlow Town Regatta & Festival

Marlow Town Regatta & Festival

Marlow Town Regatta & Festival - Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th June 2017. Marlow's premier sporting and social occasion.

Food & Drink – Sunday

Here is a flavour of what we did last year…


A number of food stalls were available within the enclosure on Sunday serving Tea, Coffee, light snacks and street food. These were:

Villani Ices – Burgers, Ice Creams

Camper Cafe

Camper Cafe is a mobile coffee business offering artisan coffee, hot and cold drinks and delicious bakery goods including brownies, cakes, pastries, muffins and cookies. All freshly made and guaranteed to leave you wanting more- a real treat!

Mozarella Nation

Mozzarella Nation came from our desire to reproduce the taste and experience that we had whilst travelling through Italy. Although the well lit, comfortable and long-established pizza chains were great, it was the taste of the authentic ‘no fuss’ Neapolitan pizzerias that left a lasting impression. It seemed like ‘proper’ food, the sort of food that just hits the spot!
After looking for the same tastes and experiences back here, it was soon apparent that the only way we could replicate the smells and tastes that we had experienced on our travels was to start making our own. So, with the tips, hints and knowledge that we had gathered on our travels, our journey began and Mozzerellanation was born.
The authentic, distinctive taste that our log fired oven gives is unmistakable. No other form of cooking can replicate it. As soon as our Neapolitan oven reaches 400 – 500 degrees is ready for your freshly made pizza to be cooked, in just one minute!

Mr Singh Curry King – Punjabi Street Food

Marlow Party Planners 

Meat or vegetable Paellas cooked fresh and onsite, slow roast Spanish pork and halloumi burgers, wraps with chicken and Mediterranean roast vegetables and potatoes
La Kordun – Our beautiful vintage Citroen HY van is set up as mobile creperie where we cook delicious sweet and savoury crepes in front of our guest. Choice of fillings to choose from. Sweet crepes: sugar and lemon, cinnamon, banana with Nutella, jam, mini marshmallows, maple syrup, strawberries and Nutella etc. Savoury: free-range egg & cheese, ham, bacon, fresh spinach, goats cheese and many others on request!


Traditional Catering – Jacket Potatoes, Doughnuts, Hot Dogs, Bacon Rolls

La Kordun

Traditional Catering

You Silly Sausage





Those who wanted a drink could visit the Round Table Riverside Bar where they could buy a drink, watch the action on the river and chat with friends. The Riverside Bar was located just up-steam of the finish line adjacent to the metal railing fence. The bar served Pimm’s, champagne, wine, beer and lager. Tables, chairs and umbrellas were available for the exclusive use of those who had purchased drinks from the bar.

Marlow Round Table
The Riverside Bar was run by Marlow Round Table with all profits going straight to local charities and good causes. All of the bar staff gave their time without charge. For more information about Marlow Round Table click here.