Marlow Town Regatta & Festival

Marlow Town Regatta & Festival

Marlow Town Regatta & Festival - Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th June 2017. Marlow's premier sporting and social occasion.

Marlow Town Regatta – FAQ

Saturday 11th June

1) What time is the event open?
The Regatta Enclosure is open for the daytime event from 8.00am until 9.30pm.

2) What time does the rowing begin?
There will be three divisions starting at approximately 8.00am, 11.30am and 3.00pm, with no break for lunch. Racing is not expected to continue beyond 6.30pm. This format encourages competitors to race in more than one event and in some cases to share boats.

3) What is the dress code?
A dress code applies for all those who wish to visit Saturday’s Town Regatta Jim Campbell Enclosure. All visitors are requested to use the Town Regatta as an opportunity to dress up.
Gentlemen should wear a tailored, collared shirt, smart long trousers and closed shoes. Jackets, blazers and ties are encouraged. Ladies should dress smartly in a dress or skirt / trousers and top.
Please note that No Adult or Youth will be admitted wearing blue denim clothing including blue denim jeans, torn or ripped jeans of any colour, shorts, t-shirt, trainers or flip-flops. A complete description of the dress code is available here.
Competitors are encouraged to enter the enclosure with their competitors badge wearing racing kit or club kit.  Shoes are required.  Wearing medals is encouraged!

4) Do I need to adhere to the dress code while I set up my picnic pitch?
If you choose to arrive early to set up your picnic pitch, you can do so without needing to dress up but only until 11.00am. You should leave the enclosure before 11.00am. After this time the dress code will apply to all. The gate staff have been asked to restrict entrance from 10.30am in order to ensure that the enclosure is clear by 11.00am ready for the formal opening.

5) Does everybody need a Regatta Badge?
Everybody who wishes to gain access to the enclosure will need an appropriate Regatta Badge. These can be purchased through this website.. Badges should be worn at all times. If you have an Adult or Subscriber Badge and are lucky enough to look under 18, we reserve the right to ask for ID.  We operate the site as Challenge 21.
If you buy online, you will receive an order confirmation and also instructions on how to swap your email for badges at specified pick-up points in May or at the gate when you arrive.

6) Attending the Rowing event but not the Regatta enclosure?
There are large support networks for all rowing teams and some of you come into the Regatta enclosure for the day and to watch the rowing.  We have a grandstand, bar, Riverside Dining options and music all day.  Please note the dress code requirements and you must purchase an entry ticket.  There are options for those who want to watch the rowing but not come into the enclosure.  Details can be found on the Marlow Rowing Club website here

7) Can I buy Regatta Badges on the day?
Badges may be available on the door but no guarantee of this can be given due to there being restrictions on the maximum numbers allowed within the Regatta Enclosure.
Please note that it will NOT be possible to purchase Picnic Pitch Tickets on the day.

8) Can I come and go whenever I like during the day?
If you leave the enclosure and wish to re-enter later in the day you should make sure that you are wearing your Regatta Badge. Entry and Re-entry is controlled at the gate by the presence or otherwise of your Regatta Badge.

9) Can I bring my own food and drink?
Yes, you can bring your own food and drink (see restrictions below). However, don’t forget there will be a variety of food stalls and the Round Table Riverside bar to help save you the effort!
Before 4.00pm you can bring alcohol into the enclosure, but remember that security will be performing random bag checks and reserve the right to refuse entry with alcohol which they feel is beyond reasonable personal consumption
After 4.00pm no alcohol can be brought into the enclosure.

10) Can I Barbecue?
NO. Because of fire safety considerations, there are strict rules preventing the lighting of fires and hence use of barbecues within the enclosure.

11) What food and drink facilities will there be?
The Riverside Bar will be serving alcoholic drinks from 10.00am until 9.00pm. If you wish to purchase alcohol and look under 21, you will be asked to prove your age with either a passport or a driving licence. There will also be a number of food outlets inside the Regatta Enclosure and the Riverside Fine Dining Experience where you can reserve a table.

12) Where can I park my car?
There will be parking available at a fixed price for any part of the day on the cricket pitch and ground adjacent to the skatepark. The entrance is in Lower Pound Lane, off Pound Lane with satnav postcode SL7 2AE. Spaces can be purchased in advance through this website or from the Marlow Information Centre. Parking is available from 7.30am and all cars must be removed from the car park by 10.00pm unless they have purchased 2 days parking.
Please note that, it will not be possible to park or even drive your car within the Regatta Enclosure. A trolley service is available to assist with moving picnic equipment and provisions from your car to your pitch and will be running until 7pm on the Saturday.  Vehicles and contents are left at the owners own risk and no liability will be accepted by Marlow Town Regatta and Festival for any loss or damage.

13) Where are the picnic pitches?
The picnic pitches are all located within the Regatta Enclosure in Higginson Park. A small number of these, in Row A are on the river. Behind these, on the lawn in front of the metal railing fence are 50 or so more pitches. The majority of the pitches are located on the putting green which is the area between Court Garden and the metal railing fence.  A picnic pitch map can be found here

14) Can I picnic if I haven’t purchased a picnic pitch?
Yes. If you wish to bring a rug and a picnic you can do so. The sloped area near Court Garden has been set aside for those that wish to picnic on a rug. Please note that gazebos and tables can only be set up on pre-reserved picnic pitches so you are limited to rugs and folding chairs.

15) Can I bring my dog?
No dogs, other than assistance dogs, are allowed in the Regatta Enclosure.

16) Can I hand out leaflets or sell goods or ask for donations within the enclosure?
If you wish to do this you should purchase a trade, food or showcase stall. Only those with a stall (rather than picnic pitch) can hand out leaflets, collect money or sell goods and food and even then, must do so only on their stall. The security team are instructed to stop anybody seen wandering the event touting for business or handing out leaflets.

17) What is the behaviour code?
We require all visitors to respect the law in relation to under-age drinking and the use of recreational drugs. A search policy in relation to drugs, weapons and alcohol will be adopted at the enclosure entrance. The use of offensive language or threatening behaviour or in the enclosure will not be tolerated. Security personnel are instructed to expel offenders and report all instances to the police without question.  We reserve the right to remove any and all customers who have had too much to drink and will not refund.

18) I’ve booked a picnic pitch. Will all my guests need an entry badge?
Yes. All picnic pitches are within the Regatta Enclosure and entry to the Regatta Enclosure is by Regatta Badge.

19) I need a hotel. What accomodation options are there?
Marlow and the surrounding area has a number of Hotels and Bed and Breakfast options:
Compleat Angler, Marlow Bridge, Bisham
Premier Inn, The Causeway, Marlow
Crowne Plaza, Fieldhouse Lane, Marlow
Glade End Guest House, Glade Rd, Marlow